Smoke over Latakia: the aftermath of the IDF strike on satellite imagery

Smoke over Latakia: the consequences of & nbsp; IDF strike on satellite images

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Satellite images of the Syrian port of Latakia taken by Planet Labs after the Israeli strike on December 27 have been published in the international media. ? ref_src = twsrc% 5Etfw

Satellite imagery shows that many containers have been hit by strikes at four different points in the port. To this day, heavy clouds of smoke rise over the port of Latakia. The damage is limited to the area of ​​the container terminal, without any harm to the areas adjacent to the port. International military experts speak of an & ldquo; amazingly accurate attack against individual containers or small groups of containers & rdquo ;.

The fire on the port territory was extinguished for 10 hours. The attack reportedly killed two Syrian soldiers. The strike targeted a shipment of Iranian weapons for Hezbollah.

According to unconfirmed information, the attack was caused by the arrival of an Iranian container ship in Latakia Shiba, owned by Iran Shipping Lines. The vessel has already left Latakia through the Bosphorus to the Ukrainian port of Chornomorsk. The ship left Latakia two days before the Israeli attack.

Russian Vice Admiral Oleg Zhuravlev, deputy head of the Syrian Reconciliation Center, said that Israeli F-16 fighter-bombers fired two missiles at Latakia from the Mediterranean seas. This statement clearly contradicts satellite imagery showing four points of destruction in the container terminal.

Recall. that we are talking about the second Israeli strike on Latakia in December. The first attack took place on December 7th. International observers point to Israel's demonstration of resolve in operations to cut off direct arms supply lines to Hezbollah to Lebanon.

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