“Smells like fish and ear wax”

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“Smells like fish and ear wax”

Big Brother Vip

The Selassié princesses commented on the poor hygiene in the most spied house in Italy

“Smells like fish and ear wax”

Published on October 14, 2021

Also al Big Brother Vip gossip. The sisters Lucrezia and Jessica Selassiè they took advantage of a relaxing time with Alex Belli to talk about the poor hygiene that would exist in the Cinecittà bunker. Specifically, the three competitors targeted two other roommates. A behavior that the reality show audience did not particularly like.

“There is a woman who has ears full of ear wax, I didn’t have the courage to tell her”, Alex Belli said. “There are also those who smell of rotten fish”, observed Jessica Selassie. Sister Lucrezia, called Lulù, added: “We can’t say the name”. The two girls have though started twerking, trying to make the former Centovetrine actor understand the woman’s identity.

Jessica Selassié then reopened the subject during a chat in the garden with Raffaella Fico and Francesca Cipriani. “There’s a crunchy ear”, said the little princess. “What does it mean?”, the ex of Mario Balotelli promptly asked. “Full of wax”, explained Selassié. “How disgusting”Cipriani commented with a disgusted face.

“I understood, I saw as soon as I arrived”, instead added Raffaella Fico, who preferred not to name the competitor from the“Crunchy ear”. A behavior, that of Lucrezia and Jessica, which is not particularly liked by the public of Big Brother Vip.

Public disappointed by the behavior of the Selassié sisters

“Jessica, my darling, instead of always talking about the same thing with the whole House why don’t you go to the person concerned and tell them?”, a Twitter viewer pointed out. Someone else added instead: “This thing is really gross! But not for those with earwax but for them who are telling everyone and in front of the cameras! They look like kindergarten children! ”.

A fan specified: “They scream bullying, embargoes and whatnot and then gossip about people with earwax and people who stink. But how are you doing? But what does it take to take these people aside and tell them? Middle school children just “.

Who are the offending competitors

According to fans of the reality show, the person with the ear full of earwax could be Sophie codegoni while the one that smells like fish should be Subject Stephens (due to the detail of the twerk immediately captured by users). The name of the first was leaked from the statement by Alex Belli who admitted: “He is a person very close to Clarissa”.

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