Smart online dating: tests, artificial intelligence, algorithms

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 Smart online dating: tests, artificial intelligence, algorithms

Would you like to do a little experiment? Go to your smartphone's app store and find 3-5 random dating services. We are willing to bet that the description of most of them will mention smart pairing algorithms, artificial intelligence, and the like. Judging from such descriptions, it may seem that it is worth downloading such an application, and in five minutes it will find you the love of your life. But why doesn't it?

Modern-day dating services have been around since 1995, when was launched. Now there are more than 8,000 such sites in the world, but we cannot call any of them 100% effective.

Let's see what's wrong with modern dating apps and how to really increase your chances of a promising meeting on the Internet.

Usually, dating app developers do not reveal all the secrets of the technologies they use. The main motive — prevent anyone from using their idea. But in fact, most sites use quite similar algorithms, in which there is nothing special.

  • Natural Language Processing

An important thought that you must learn, — dating apps study you much deeper than you think. When you register for a service through a social network or simply link an account, the algorithm can study your list of friends and public pages, posts on the page, and so on. All in order to better understand what kind of people you like.

In addition, the algorithm of some applications can actively study your correspondence within the application. Of course, not at all in order to find out some of your secrets and the like. Everything is done to better understand your preferences and appreciate your natural language. For example, if other users often give you their number in messages, this serves as a positive signal for the algorithm and it gives your profile a higher rating.

  • Deep Learning (deep learning) and the Gale algorithm -Shapley

This algorithm by David Gale and Lloyd Shapley was developed in 1962. With its help, the authors proved that with any equal number of men and women, it is possible to form pairs of them for a stable and happy marriage.

In 2012, the Gale-Shapley algorithm was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics, which aroused great interest among developers of dating applications. The dating service Hinge stands out in particular, which clearly focuses on the use of a Nobel Prize-winning algorithm. Actually Hinge — far from the only such application. The same algorithm is used by Tinder and OkCupid, they just don't advertise it so explicitly.

  • The Elo algorithm

Elo — perhaps the most common dating app algorithm. Elo was originally a rating system algorithm that was used in chess, baseball, and other sports to evaluate scores and predictions. Later, the rating system was transferred to the dating industry.

Everything is simple here. The more often you get picked, the higher your Elo rating. That is, every time you swipe on Tinder, Badoo, or similar apps, you are raising or lowering someone's rating. And in the same way, someone raises or lowers your rating. Thus, the system brings people plus or minus with the same rating. It's quite simple.

  • Face Recognition

Modern face recognition algorithms have become almost perfect. For example, Facebook already knows how to recognize people in photos even in poor quality and low detail.

Dating apps are also trying to keep up, but are using facial recognition in their own way. For example, in the DatingAI app, you can search for users who are the most similar to your favorite celebrity. And, it's worth noting that DatingAI does a pretty good job, although not perfect.

  • Regular testing

Some popular dating apps such as Plenty of Fish and eHarmony use classic personality tests to explore your personality in as much detail as possible, compare the results with other users' data and eventually find the best matches.

Passing a personality test takes time, but thousands of people are ready to give him enough attention in the hope of meeting their love in this way. For some, this really works.

All of the above pairing algorithms are good in theory. However, in practice, things are not so rosy. And there are serious flaws in any of them:

  • Natural language processing does not always work correctly, especially if there is little data about a person in principle. As a result — completely random recommendations.
  • Deep learning and the Gale-Shapley algorithm only work if you devote the lion's share of your time to online dating. And this is not for everyone.
  • The Elo algorithm has already set the teeth on edge for all users of Tinder and its peers. In addition, it practically does not give chances for a successful acquaintance for new members.
  • Facial recognition does not give anything at all except a similar appearance. Search for your love, relying only on appearance, — A complete failure.
  • Personality tests are time consuming and only work if all users answer honestly. And this, as you understand, is far from always the case.

Not surprisingly, tens of thousands of people have recently become disillusioned with the classic dating apps and are looking for alternatives. And they are! Optimal for most — chat roulette. This is an application or website whose main function is — connect random interlocutors via video link.

Chatroulette, depending on your choice, has a basic list of search settings: gender, age, geolocation, interests, etc. And this is often enough to find an interesting person with whom you will be comfortable. And with whom you may be able to have a strong romantic relationship.

If you are looking for a Russian analogue of Chatroulette instead of classic dating apps, we can recommend Chatrandom, Video-roulette24 and Chatous. They have proven themselves well, they have a large and diverse audience, they will not take up much of your time and provide very real chances to meet your true love. Believe me, sometimes all you need to do is change your approach to get what you want.

We believe you now have a better idea why the algorithms that are so heavily advertised aren't really as efficient as the developers themselves claim. Sometimes it's better to abandon such methods of finding a soul mate altogether, and trust the will of chance.

Perhaps the best alternative to typical — This is video chat roulette. Using it will not take you too much time, will not require filling in dozens of account fields or passing a personality test for 80-100 questions. And most importantly — chatroulette will not extort money from you, promising to find the perfect match. Try it, you'll love it!

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