Slovak singer Miro Žbirka died. He was 69 years old

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Slovak singer Miro Žbirka died. He was 69 years old

The author of songs such as White Flower, Atlantis, What Hurts It Hurts, The Ballad of Field Birds or The Lion with Her was one of the most prominent representatives of Czechoslovak popular music. In 1982, he became the first Slovak Golden Nightingale, and after Waldemar Matušek, he was the second to defeat Karel Gott.

Miroslav Žbirka, nicknamed Meky, was born on October 21, 1952 in Bratislava, and was the son of a Slovak and an Englishwoman. He started in the Modus group, where he met Janek Lehotský and Marika Gombitová. In 1977 they won the Golden Bratislava Lyre together for the song Smile. Four years later, he founded the group Limit with Lac Lučenič and embarked on a solo career. During his time on the music scene, he released dozens of records in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. He has given concerts almost all over the world and with Gombitová he also played in the musical Don’t Take Our Princess. In the early 1990s, he moderated the show Rhythmmick, where many viewers watched foreign video clips for the first time in their lives.

In 2012, when he was 60, he recorded a new song Love Shines in the famous Abbey Road studio in London, where the greatest hits of his Beatles favorites were made. Without the influence of this famous British band, he might never have sung and played the guitar. “If I hadn’t heard their songs as a boy, I probably wouldn’t have worked in popular music. I might be a footballer or something,” said the singer, who came to his nickname Mecca at an early age. “A friend from the street gave it to me as a child. When Canadian hockey players came to visit Slovakia, many of them were called Macs. I also spoke English, so I was a Mecca.”

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He released his last album three years ago under the name Double Album. The recording was re-created in Abbey Road, Studio 3, in collaboration with producer Rob Cass and stellar British musicians.

The death report provoked a wave of reactions in his native Slovakia and in the Czech Republic. Condolences, sadness and admiration were expressed on social networks by fans, colleagues, artists and politicians. “His songs are my youth. And I’m definitely not alone. We all lived by him. Atlantis is the best,” wrote Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, who, like Žbirka, was born in Bratislava.

Slovak singer Miro Žbirka died. He was 69 years old


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