Slot machines online: the latest innovations in the industry

Online slot machines: the latest industry news

Online slots, as these slot machines are also called, are the online equivalent of land-based slot machines. This means that you can comfortably play from home or away using the Internet access and device (computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone).

Online slots are gambling. The question of winning, therefore, depends entirely on luck, and it is difficult to work out any strategy for the game. Of course, you can choose slots from casino with a high RTP ratio or expect to hit the jackpot, but it is impossible to predict the outcome of the round.

Since online gambling slots are completely random and lack the element of skill, as in sports betting, they have gained a negative reputation. In many countries, including Ukraine, sports betting is viewed much more favorably than slot machine games. But more and more gamblers are showing interest in slots and looking for the newest ones. It is these games that will be discussed below.

Wild Luchador

Quickspin invites you to discover new online casino slot machines that are reminiscent of Ancient Egypt or classic fruit games. This time, it's time for something completely unexpected. It's time to head to Mexico and meet Mad Luchador – a reckless masked fighter who will help you win big on the slot.

Discover the newest slot from Quickspin and learn more about Wild Luchador. before playing for real money!

The online casino game is based on the Mexican wrestling tradition known as lucha libre. It is a fun type of wrestling in which highly skilled wrestlers don colorful masks and perform theatrical stunts in unique, intriguing, choreographic and sometimes somewhat comical duels. Quickspin has revived this tradition with a fiery design and soundtrack. The reels of the game are located in the center of a red ring, which is surrounded by an energetic crowd of spectators.

The game's interface elements are located vertically on the right side of the screen.

The soundtrack is exactly what you'd expect from such a frenzied game. Guitars, trumpets, live and energetic music – a calm and muted melody is not what you should expect here. There is also (and, most importantly, you can hear it!) The mariachi orchestra, which complements the slot's authentic Mexican atmosphere. Add to that the drums and the sound of falling coins as you win.

Goldwyn & # 39; s Fairies

Goldwyn's Fairies is the new online casino slot from Microgaming. The new manufacturer pleasantly surprised us with this 5-row, 5-payline slot. Goldwyn's Fairies should be classified as a modern video slot. The game is based on an interesting theme, has interesting features and even higher winnings! The slot has 3 different Wilds and 3 bonus features: Free-Spin, Re-Spin and Returning Wild. The payout ratio is 96.28%. The hit rate is 23%. The maximum bet value per spin is UAH 2000.

The theme of Goldwyn's Fairies slot is an enchanted old forest where fairies live. There are 4 fairies that symbolize the 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. All fairies guard a set of jewels in the colors of the seasons. The fairies are ruled by Goldwyn, the queen of the fairies. The graphics and animation of slot machines are of the highest quality. Microgaming definitely knows what a modern slot should look like. Play Fairies Goldwyn's is pure pleasure and relaxation. Numerous bonus features in the game add thrill and make you want to play the slot again and again.

 Online slots: the latest industry news

Skulls Up!

There is no shortage of online slot machines with pirate adventures as a theme. Loot hidden on the islands, mysterious maps and distant expeditions have fascinated the imagination for many years and are a very popular topic for games. Almost every developer has at least one pirated game on his account. Newest Skulls Up game! from Quickspin lets you dive into sea adventures and earn some money while doing it. Sail away and hit the road in search of loot!

The way the fearsome pirates are portrayed brings a lot of humor to the game. Real pirates, of course, were ferocious criminals, but here they appear under the not very serious names of Stinky, Big Man and Beardless. They are accompanied by a monkey and a blue parrot Biscuit. The entire pirate crew functions as symbols of the highest value. The symbols of lesser value, meanwhile, represent the classic card figures from ten to ace, stylized as coins from buried treasures. The titled skulls show their teeth, and each one bears the inherent pirate emblem – a black eyepatch. In the background is a Caribbean island where harmless villains are hiding, with a landscape of exotic vegetation and palm trees constantly making their way and a sandy beach. Above the playing field, there is a board indicating the current number of ways to win in a round, and a pirate flag flutters next to it.

The online casino game is accompanied by pleasant music, which can be heard in a Cuban bar or at a Hawaiian party. The screams of seagulls and the crash of treasures falling on the board add to the atmosphere. Instead of a serious historical take on piracy, we have here a party game that is easy to laugh at.

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