Sling LREM : “100 democrats” are going to leave the party

Christophe Castaner, the sole candidate to take over as head of LREM.


Can we already speak of slingers in The Republic in march ? According to Franceinfo, a hundred members LREM, including elected officials, leaders of local committees and referees from the four corners of the Hexagon, will quit the party Friday, the eve of the congress LREM to Lyon. A bailiff will bring the letters of resignation to the headquarters of the movement Friday, November 17.

In a forum, they explain : “The new constitution […] does not allow neither the freedom of opinion and expression nor an internal criticism of the regime against its own abuse. “Self-proclaimed” 100 democrats “, these members disappointed especially denounce the conditions of the election of the delegate-general of the party : a 380 000 members will not all vote, remember Franceinfo. Only a college of elected officials, ministers, executives, as well as 200 activists drawn at random will have the opportunity to appoint leaders. On the other hand, there was only one candidate to take over as head of the party : Christophe Castaner. What do cringe internally.

A cult around Emmanuel Macron ?

The lack of suspense around the nomination of Christophe Castaner, a candidate dubbed by Emmanuel Macron, seems to have created a form of unease within the party. “We would have been able to push a nomination for pretending. But that didn’t seem appropriate “, for its part, argues the main party in the columns of the
on the 11th of November. Only small suspense, the election of the executive board : to the general surprise, the four lists were presented.

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Beyond this next election, these “100 democrats to” denounce also the cult of personality created around the president of the Republic, founder of the movement. “Under the weight of the process marketing, #LoveLaRem, #LoveLaTeamMacron, the pillars of democracy have collapsed causing them to fall to the enthusiasm and motivation of the walkers “, say the future ex-walkers.

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