Sleep without panties: three reasons

When you’re without underwear, your sleep becomes better. And generally so useful to sleep — proven by science.

Спати без трусів: три причини

Let’s start with the fact that sleeping naked is comfortable and sweats almost nothing, almost nothing to correct, reports Rus.Media. Plus nothing to wear, so you can remove and wash.

Well, now let’s hit the science + a little sex.

Body temperature

When a person falls asleep, his body temperature decreases slightly. This is normal, and we have laid in the nature. To sleep in shorts, t-shirts, pants, etc. — is to disturb the natural cycle of temperature changes of the body. So you’re less cool down, more heat, more tossing and turning, bad sleep, in the morning I feel overwhelmed.

It’s sexy

Lounging with the woman in bed naked, increase the chances of her having sex. First, your morning erection on this, as it will hint. Second, who would refuse a nice portion of energy for the whole day with it in the morning. Third, some girls seeing a naked man, wandering around the apartment, find very sexy.

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