Six things not addressed by algorithms and robots

AI diagnose illness and prescribe treatment process data for scientists and good with computers. Sometimes it may seem that the possibilities of artificial intelligence are endless. But in 2018, there are many areas in which cars are noticeably inferior to man.

Шесть вещей, с которыми не справляются алгоритмы и роботы


It seems that to come up with a good joke easily, but AI is not capable, notes Digital Trends. At the beginning of this year, one researcher fed to the neural network 43 000 jokes and asked me to write a new one. Here is a sample of “native humor”: “What happens when you cross a cow with a Rhino? Dog bungee”.

The sharpness is unlikely to make laugh even entusiasta artificial intelligence. However, AI is not hopeless. As a proven algorithm IBM, who beat Champions on Jeopardy! artificial intelligence can work with language difficulties, including to understand the multiple values of the same word. This could be the basis for the creation of this “AI-humorist”.


AI is already helping writers to write proposals, but a full book for him to create yet under force.

To write a novel, you need not to generate text but also to make the reader sympathize with the characters and get involved in the narrative.

None of the attempts to write prose with the help of AI have not ended successfully, so wait for the “ciberesfera” is premature.

Creative strategies

Creative strategy — not just data analysis, and the ability to decide what information is important and what can be ignored. It is typical, for example, for lawyers, making arguments in court, or managers that direct the development of the company in a new direction.

Neural networks that learn using reinforcement, can formulate the best strategy, but it is not enough creativity.

The ability to be human

It is possible to learn humor, literature and many other areas, machines need to a number of human qualities — for example, the capacity for empathy.

AI is already well versed in human emotions and is able to understand their facial expression and voice.

However, while these skills to best use in order to offer the man a playlist for your mood. Hardly anyone would agree that news about the disease to him instead of a doctor, said AI.

Another example: as demonstrated in movie “moneyball”, the data analysis can significantly improve the game’s baseball team, but it is unlikely the AI will be able to become a successful coach. Apparently, people still long time will need a mediator in the interaction with artificial intelligence. Perhaps it will save many jobs.

Cooking coffee

“Coffee test” invented by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, in order to evaluate the dexterity of robots and machine intelligence. It evaluates how well the machine can handle the next task is to enter in a random house, find a coffee machine to make coffee and pour it into cups.

In contrast to the philosophical tests, for example, the Turing test, coffee test allows to quantify the ability of the AI. None of the existing robots was unable to pass it.


Algorithms have long beat the Champions in chess and now joined by more sophisticated and even video games, for example Dota 2. However, to defeat the people in this sport, the car needs to be not only smart but also quick.

The harbinger of the creation of such devices — Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics, that has learned running and parkour. While it remains a fantasy, but perhaps in the near future, a team of robots will be able to beat a team of people in football.


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