Six months before the 2022 White Olympics: what is known about the winter sports festival

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Six months before the 2022 White Olympics: what is known about the winter sports festival

It's time to prepare for the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing – they start in exactly 180 days.

The fans won't have to miss the Tokyo Olympics, which closed on August 8, for a long time, reports with reference to Today.

After all, six months later, & nbsp; February 4, & nbsp; & nbsp; Winter Games-2022 in Beijing! & nbsp; So soon & # 8230;

In the fight for the right to host the White Olympics- 2022 Beijing barely outstrips the Kazakh city of Almaty. Voting in the IOC ended with a score & nbsp; 44:40 in favor of the capital of China.

The Chinese capital will be the first city to host the Summer and Winter Games.

The budget for the 2022 Games will be $ 3.9 million, which is 10 times less than the Summer Olympics. which Beijing hosted in 2008.

Interestingly, Lvov was also a contender for the 2022 Games, but in the end, Ukraine withdrew its candidacy – as they abandoned the fight for this Olympics in Oslo , Stockholm, Krakow, Barcelona and Munich.


Winter Games 2022 is also in question. But not because of the pandemic that forced the postponement of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo from 2020 to 2021. Here the reason is different.

The US calls for a boycott of the 2022 Olympics or take it away from China because of the genocide. In 2018, an independent UN commission said it had received credible reports that at least one million Uyghurs and other Muslims were being held in camps in China's Xinjiang region.

Whether the Americans will move to more decisive behavior than threats is not yet clear. Meanwhile, Beijing is finalizing preparations for the Games.


There will be 109 sets of awards at the Winter Games – three times less than the Tokyo Summer Olympics (339). Moreover, earlier the IOC announced the addition of seven new disciplines to the Beijing program.

These are women's singles bobsleigh, men's and women's big air freestyle competitions, mixed relay in short track, mixed team freestyle acrobatics, ski jumping and snowboard cross.

< p> All sports in Beijing 2022

  • Biathlon (11 sets of medals)
  • Bobsleigh (4)
  • Skeleton (2)
  • Curling (3)
  • Speed ​​Skating (14)
  • Figure Skating (5)
  • Short Track Speed ​​Skating ( 9)
  • Alpine skiing (11)
  • Nordic combined (3)
  • Cross-country skiing (12)
  • Ski jumping (5)
  • Freestyle (13)
  • Snowboard (11)
  • Luge (4)
  • Ice hockey (2)


Not Beijing alone. & nbsp; Yes, the capital of China will host the opening and closing ceremonies, figure skating, short track speed skating, ice hockey, curling and speed skating competitions sports.

But, for example, skiing, bobsleigh, luge, skeleton will be Yanqing, and cross-country skiing and biathlon dear to our heart – Zhangjiakou.


Earlier at no Winter Olympics we won more than one gold medal. We will dream of her darling in Beijing, hoping for biathletes and freestylers, including the hero of Pyeongchang-2018 Alexander Abramenko.

In Tokyo, we had only one medal of the highest standard, which was brought by Jean Beleniuk in the fight. So, for the first time in history at the Winter Olympics, Ukraine can get as many gold awards as at the summer one. Or even more. But that's – if you're really lucky.

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