Six months at the Elysée palace : the words of Macron

Emmanuel Macron, on a visit to the factory Whirlpool Amiens, his native city.


The man who assisted Paul Ricoeur has the taste of the expressions are outdated, such as ” croquignolesque “, “pipi de chat” or ” poudre de perlimpinpin “. But not only that. Emmanuel Macron has the word willingly transgressive and regularly launches small phrases assassines against its detractors, although it tastes much less the controversies that they trigger… Back on a few of these formulas that have put the president to a.

“I am your leader ”

On the 13th of July, it is by this sentence that Emmanuel Macron recalls dryly to the order of the military tempted to criticize publicly its budgetary choices. The attack is aimed mainly the chief of the defence staff Pierre de Villiers, who a few days earlier, was indignant with greenness in front of the deputies of the decline of the defence budget. Humiliated, he resigned four days later. “I have no regrets and I shall be completely” in this sentence, has decided the head of State on 31 August.

“Make our planet great again ”

On the 1st of June at midnight, two hours after the announcement by Donald Trump of the Us withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate, Emmanuel Macron, from his office in the Elysée palace, is launching in English this cross-appeal, which parodies the slogan of the campaign of Trump. The impact is global : his message has been retweeted to this day by 236 000 internet users, an absolute record for a tweet in French. On the account Facebook of Emmanuel Macron, the video of his call shows 13 million views, far in the lead of the hundreds of videos posted by the Elysée palace.

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“First on the rope ”

The formula has been carefully prepared : in his first tv interview, 15 October, Emmanuel Macron defends and those “successful” and, according to him, derive from the other. “If one begins to throw pebbles at the first of the rope, is the rope which tumbles down “, he said. The formula is a fly, but raises criticism for its proximity, though he claims to the contrary, with the economic theory of the “runoff” from the rich to the poor.

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“Lazy ”

On 8 September in Athens, after a big speech on Europe, the president addressed to the French expatriates in Greece. Four days before a trade union demonstration against the reform of the labour Code, he stated that he ” will not pass anything or to lazy, or cynical, or to the extreme “. The opposition denounces as soon as a form of social contempt. Embarrassed, the Elysée explained successively that the president was aimed at previous presidents, and then the elites who have not acted. Emmanuel Macron then explain that he has no regrets “absolutely not” this word and that annoys a ” false controversy “.

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“Fuck the shit ”

On 4 October, during a trip in Corrèze, Mr. Macron discussed in private with a local community leader. Without hiding, the two cameras capture their exchange. Mr. Macron note : “Some, instead of fuck the shit, better go look at if they may not have positions there. “It targets a delegation of CGT, which” has decided to interfere with the visit, “said the government spokesman Christophe Castaner, which accompanied the laid-off employees of the automotive supplier GM&S. On TF1, Emmanuel Macron ensures not have wished to humiliate, but if it’s bugging discourse” sanitized “.

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“People who are nothing ”

“A train station, it is a place where we meet successful people and people who are nothing “, he said on June 29, at the inauguration of the Station F, an incubator for start-up, project launched by Xavier Niel in 2013 and installed in the old Halle Freyssinet in Paris.

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“All and all “, ” those ”

In his remarks public, Emmanuel Macron sleep to avoid to the maximum the general in the masculine, using a kind of “inclusive language” spoken by formulas such as ” women and men “, ” all “, ” those “, and so on, A twist that mimic is now widely its ministers and mps of The Republic in march. He who has made gender equality a national priority has anticipated the ongoing controversy about writing inclusive.

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