Siri buried the famous Hollywood actor

Voice assistant Siri from Apple “buried” the famous American actor John Travolta.

Siri "поховала" відомого голлівудського актора

So, Siri tells iPhone users that Hollywood actor John Travolta died at the age of 54 years in 2009. Error noticed by the users of “Apple” gadgets, reports Rus.Media.

Probably, the assistant mixed up the actor with his son Jetta. 16-year-old Jeff really died in January 2009. Media sent to the headquarters of Apple official request. The company is already working to resolve the error.

Siri "поховала" відомого голлівудського актора

John Travolta “buried”

We will add that about the “death” Travolta reported only smartphones in Australia, Poland and America. In other countries, Siri correctly answers the question, how old is Travolta.

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