Sinwar “revealed the details” of the operation “Sword of Al-Quds”

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 Sinwar "revealed the details"of Operation Al-Quds Sword" ;

Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar Reveals Details of Last Year's Quds Sword Operation and the future plans of the Palestinian terrorists.
Sinwar noted that the last strike that Hamas was going to launch in May 2021 during the operation “Sword al-Quds” was supposed to include 362 rockets. They were planned to be released in 14 cities and towns, including Haifa, Tel Aviv, Dimona, Eilat and Kfar Saba.

the Hamas leader said, “When we warn the enemy, every letter and every word counts and leads to action. We know the enemy's pain points and how to press them.”

Sinwar also admitted that the Palestinian militants attempted to kidnap Israeli soldiers ahead of Operation Quds Sword to force Israel into an exchange deal.

When asked about the readiness of the Qassam Brigades to the latest Israeli “provocations”, Yahya Sinwar stressed: “The strength we have grown, the experience and lessons we have learned, every day brings us one step closer to the long-awaited day of the liberation of Palestine and return to it.”

Then Sinwar turned to all the Muslims, saying: “The Al-Aqsa Mosque is waiting for you, so wait for the signal.”

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