Singer Valeria revealed Prigogine's dying wish

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 Singer Valeria revealed Prigozhin's dying wish

Singer Valeria became a guest of Lera Kudryavtseva's program Secret for a Million.

During the program, Valeria told what promise her husband Iosif Prigogine made from her, who was dying when he contracted the coronavirus. This is reported by KP.

Valeria remembered that her husband was placed in intensive care. The situation was so difficult that Iosif Prigogine was mentally preparing to leave this world. In this regard, he and Valeria had a serious conversation, and Joseph voiced his last wish.

The producer asked his wife not to marry again.

“Now, if I die, you don't get married officially. They'll deceive you, they'll rip you off!” Valeria relayed her husband's words.

Fortunately, Valery Prigogine didn't die. He started a cytokine storm, and the doctors had a hard time pulling him out of this state.

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