Singer Shlomo Gronikh: everyone here is Ashkenazim, there is not a single “chahchah”

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Singer Shlomo Gronich performed at the Ein Gedi festival.

Singer Shlomo Gronich decided to greet the audience at the festival in Ein Gedi in the following words: “I look at the audience and I say – this is the audience I always want. All of you are Ashkenazim, not a single Chahchakh (this is how people from Asia and Africa are called in slang). Great, you all sing well. The audience greeted Gronich's words with laughter.

Gronich came to his senses and apologized: “I shouldn't have said that, it jumped out of me”.

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After that, Gronich apologized on Facebook and assured “I am not a racist”.
< br /> Festival host Nesley Barda said she was “shocked” Gronich's statements. Culture Minister Healy Trooper said he was 'disappointed' “disgusting remarks” Gronikh. Former Interior Minister Aryeh Deri called Gronich's words “pure racism”.

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