Singer Mint introduced the romantic clip

Певица Мята представила романтический клип

“Pygmalion has long sought the perfect beauty of a woman, he has created a perfect female statue, which was given the name Galatea. So the sculptor had a thing for her that his only wish was to have a favorite man-made came to life. So the power of love breathed life into stone. It’s a surprisingly touching story about the limitless love,” says Mint.

The video is made by team Mozgi Production. The Directors were Denis Manoha and Maxim Shelkovnikov. Despite the first collaboration, they were able to immediately grasp the main message, which Mint made the song “Tam, de Paradise”.
“We have turned the story and not to attract additional lyrical character, and Vice versa did the main heroine of the video itself is Mint, which created the image of your perfect man and, in fact, I dedicated him a song,” says Denis Manoha.

Video “where heaven” is filled with images of antiquity and classic beauty of the Renaissance times. In the filming of the video took part the dancers that convey the idea of reviving the soulless objects, if you make enough power of feelings and emotions. In reality, those animated sculptures that continue to live as people.

“Love is all powerful and each have their own private heaven…,” adds Mint.
The single “where is Paradise” became a part of the Ukrainian-language album, which release is announced in November.

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