Singer Lavik was trying on the role of Twiggy, the legendary sixties

Певица Лавика примеряла роль Твигги, легендарной модели шестидесятых
Sexuality is not a mini-skirt and plunging neckline, said the singer.

Ukrainian singer Lavik recently shared with Viva! great news – she got married. Soon after, the actress appeared in a beautiful photo shoot, trying on the role of Twiggy, the legendary sixties. Looking at the pictures we asked Lyuba several questions about female sexuality and about whether it would be useful to the girls change in appearance.

  • Felt, becoming Twiggy

I’m quite unsure of herself in order to fundamentally change outwardly in your life. When there is a camera – all very different. Lens, light and professional advice makeup artists, stylists, hairdressers – they protect self-esteem, and your role is just to live this energy in the frame and just believe them. Sometimes even with my eyes closed… love when I’m surprised after the way. It’s an incredible feeling of acceptance, or criticism itself.

I definitely felt like a different person. Deep down I’ve always been a redhead! Once changed hair color and hairstyle, I felt something new in your mood. I understand how important it is for us girls, sometimes to take a risk. Hair color changing inner charisma! And with a short haircut really is updated, reset, after all, hair is a powerful energy storage. I say this to everyone, but in practice it does not apply. Perhaps, yet such a radical desire for change.

  • How often do there is a desire to change?

Very rare. Me making fun of classmates that I’m the only one not changed since school. Even in preference to clothing. Always wore her mother’s hippie dresses, shapeless jeans, ethnic blouse, boring hair. I never know how to dress like a “normal girl”.

  • The change for girls is good or not?

I tend to believe that change is about waves that are deep within. There they need to be addressed. Change of hairstyle would entail increasing self-esteem, temporary love and attention, vitality in samonastroe, decisive action, but… storm the hairstyle don’t stop! To understand, to understand, to listen, to identify the cause of the desire for change. Help can book, vacation, gym, psychologist, eventually. While the external changes are only symbolic, will reinforce this victory something meaningful and enjoyable.

  • Advice for girls: what to do to look sexy?

Be yourself. Sexuality – she’s not in short skirts and plunging necklines. Not in the vulgar images and high heels. Sexuality is natural and the ability to be free in their intentions, desires, and appearance.



Певица Лавика примеряла роль Твигги, легендарной модели шестидесятых

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