Singapore lifts ban on sex between men

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 Singapore to lift ban on sex between men

Singapore will repeal the law banning same-sex sex, effectively making homosexuality legal.

Prime Minister Lou Hsien Loong made the announcement, BBC reported.

We are talking about Law 377A, which Singapore “inherited” from the British and decided to keep it after independence. This legally criminalizes sex between men, but is actually seen as a ban on homosexuality.

Singapore's Prime Minister said the law would be repealed because he believes “it's the right thing to do and most Singaporeans will accept it.” Lu Hsien Loong also noted that “gay people are now better accepted” and that repealing the law “will bring some relief to gay Singaporeans.”

LGBT activists in Singapore called the move “a hard victory and triumph love over fear.”

At the same time, the Prime Minister of Singapore said that the government will provide better legal protection for the definition of marriage as marriage between a man and a woman.

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