“Since the beginning of the epidemic, not a single hospital bed has been added.”

& ldquo; No hospital beds added & rdquo;

Against the background of the recent increase in the infection with the Omicron strain in Israel, hospitals are also reporting the resumption of preparatory work in case of an increase in the number of critical patients. The data obtained by the publication Maariv show that lately, in each department of internal medicine in Israel, there are from 10% to 20% of patients with influenza.

& ldquo; The system has not changed, no medical miracle has happened, no one was born new doctors, rooms and corridors. We got a couple more rates for doctors in each of the internal medicine departments and another rate for nurses, that's all.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, not a single hospital bed has been added in the country. There is no preparation, essentially nothing has happened yet, & rdquo; – said the chairman of the Association of Internal Medicine, Professor Avishai Alice.

As for re-preparing for the wave of illness, the professor notes that “ there is anxiety and anticipation. We are currently waiting to see how events unfold. Meanwhile, life goes on, and the wards begin to fill with patients with the flu. This is a disease that is also serious and causes functional impairment and even life-threatening.

We are in a kind of chaos with fears that the coronavirus is about to break out again. Meanwhile, the situation is more or less under control. Some hospitals have COVID wards. And in some places there are also separate beds for potential COVID patients & rdquo ;.

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