Simon Leblanc: a surprising talent as a storyteller

Simon Leblanc: un surprenant talent de conteur

Is it possible to make poetry by recounting a real experience of colonoscopy, while making them laugh in a crowded room with laughter ? It would seem that yes. And comedian Simon Leblanc was demonstrated, Thursday evening, on the stage of the Théâtre National Bank of Chicoutimi.

The storyteller gaspé is in the ground saguenéen and jeannois these days for a series of additional his show Sick. If he was baptized as well, it is that he is suffering from ankylosing spondylitis, a form of arthritis degenerative the strength to take a daily medication.

And comedian the amazing talents of a storyteller is not only arthritis, but also suffers from Crohn’s disease. It is also telling about his first colonoscopy, suffered at the age of 22 years after being found that it ” changed the water in the toilet bowl in red wine “, as Leblanc begins his monologue.

Nicknamed the Fred Pellerin of humor, the one who grew up in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts has a real gift for telling stories. And although the stories often salacious and revolving around the theme rectal, it does so with a vocabulary that could make you blush for sure. He may well be swearing and use of words banished from the language of the children, Simon Leblanc is expressed well.

“The doctor told me that I had to put a suppository. I put one on, it’s going well. I have the taste of a second, but this is just greed “, he says.

“The preparation for a colonoscopy, that you may be transformed into an atomizer. I was almost afraid to fart the enamel of the toilet. I swear to you, I have shit memories. I crapped an old lunch in the primary school ” sharing the comedian, causing general hilarity.

Entering on stage, the winner of the Discovery of the year 2014 at the gala des Olivier held to inform themselves of the provenance of the spectators. The people of Chicoutimi, Jonquière, Laterrière, Alma, and even of the Seven Islands had come to see it.

“Sept-Îles ! I’m evil, I’ll be there next month. It is a show of deep shit tonight, it will not cover not even your gas. You will come to see me after the show, I’ll make you a pipe “, has launched Simon Leblanc.

Like any good humorist, the young blonde does not hesitate to go there for a good layer of vulgarity, but always taking care to add a small layer of refinement and finish.

Cerebral palsy and menstruation

Being infected with a form of physical impairment, Simon Leblanc can make fun of paralympic athletes and a man with cerebral palsy that he has saved from certain death so that it no longer controlled his wheelchair. This kind of humor would work, obviously, with all the talent, but Simon Leblanc appropriates its subjects with an empathy that is characteristic of him. And he manages to hit the target. You know, the sound made by some people when they are exhausted with laughter, well, we hear many times over the course of the show of Simon Leblanc.

The father of the family is also taking advantage of his microphone to greet the challenges of biological women, such as menstruation, childbirth and menopause.

“The men who say that their wife is irritable before a period, shut up. If you saigniez of the bat all month, you fall into a coma, ” says the one who qualifies as a true feminist. No kidding.

“My show is called Sick. If my wife was not there, it would be called Dead to worse there would be no show. “

Taking advantage of a strong ovation, the comedian is allowed to make a few jokes of his third show, which is in preparation, on the stage of the NBT. A privilege greatly appreciated by the crowd.

In the spring

Simon Leblanc’ll be back Friday night, still at the NBT. On Saturday, he will be performing in Dolbeau-Mistassini. Unfortunately for those who would have wanted to see, all of these representations are full. But there is always hope, as Simon Leblanc will be back in the area in the spring. It will be on the stage of the CBR on 12 march and the next day at the Salle Michel-Côté Alma. Tickets are still available. However, the show scheduled for 14 march in Roberval displays already full. Hurry, it’s worth it. It even comes in Sept-Îles to see it, imagine.

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