similarities and differences with the originals

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similarities and differences with the originals

Through the latest trailers for Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl, the international press has clarified the differences and similarities of the upcoming Nintendo Switch adventures compared to the original titles.

The Polygon editorial team, for example, was able to gain insight into different aspects of the gaming, content and graphics experience that awaits us on Nintendo’s hybrid console, providing many elements to reflect on the work done by ILCA in updating the gameplay and technique. sector of the primitive Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

In the 40-minute test with the Shining and Shining edition of the two iconic Pokémon chapters, Polygon reporters have actually noted the efforts made by ILCA to re-propose the same set design and many of the objects present in the original. games, like Route 208 is the strange Pokétch smartwatch equipped with a pedometer application and programs to leave notes using the touch screen.

However, most of the work done by the Japanese developers, according to Polygon, concerned the “quality of life” of the game: this includes the addition of the automatic save function or the abandonment of the system that involved the use of Pokémon. hidden. movements (like Surf, Cut or Rock Smash) to fly or ride in the water.

Of particular interest is the change made to the battle menu, with the introduction of a list of attacks that will provide the user with indications on the effectiveness of the movements depending on the type of Pokémon deployed and the enemy it will face. Finally, there will be substantial changes that will involve the Diamond and Pearl special zone, or the Dungeons: in the original games, budding Trainers were able to extract items and use them to decorate a secret base, while in the remakes the mining activity. Mining will continue, but we will see the replacement of the base decoration system with a “special room” where you can fight and capture Pokémon while busy exploring the tunnels.

For more news on the upcoming adventures of The Pokémon Company launching on November 19 on Nintendo Switch, we refer you to our article on Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl.

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