Silvia Notargiacomo (Dance with stars): “I was taught my departure by sms”

Silvia Notargiacomo (Dance with stars): "I was taught my departure by sms"
Silvia Notargiacomo (Dance with stars): “I was taught my departure by sms”
The Dance with the Stars adventure stops for the professional dancer Silvia Notargiacomo, former dance partner of Julien Lepers and David Ginola. The beautiful tells us the reasons for her departure from the program and how she learned the news.

After 7 years of good and loyal services, Silvia Notargiacomo leaves the adventure Dance with the stars. And this is not her choice she soberly explained by announcing her departure. For Gala , the dancer makes her balance and tells us her memories.

Gala : You worked on the program and coached the team for 7 years. Why leave suddenly after so much investment with the candidates?

SN : You know how much I care about this program and all I have dedicated to the ship. It was not I who chose to leave, it was production. I would never have left DALS. I was waiting for news to find out if there would be a continuation of my adventure for a long time. I was walking around Paris when I received a sms. It was a real shock. In addition, I was warned last. Then, a few days later, as if we had wanted to take the temperature, they phoned me.

Gala: What was the content of this message?

SN: I was told that I was afraid that I would not be renewed because I had not found a suitable partner for the choreography ( Agustin Galiana , with whom she did the tests, was selected adventure). They were sorry and I was very ill. I feel a form of frustration but without resentment. For production in any case, I would have liked more accuracy to be able to rebound. I helped production in recruiting celebrities. I was hoping I could be in another position rather than being outside.

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Gala: We suspect that with your student dancers, it was not always easy behind the scenes …

SN : I am a competitor at heart, with 23 years of experience in the discipline and in the world. I was pleased with my partners but I am the one who experienced the most difficulties in pairs. With David Ginola in the first season, it took a lot of pedagogy and patience, especially to find the rhythm. We trained 4 to 8 hours a day in the studio. And even more. When some had finished the choreography, they had just started it. It was often necessary to work with personalities of very strong character. Pedagogy is my talent. For all that, I never thought I would win 100% in this game but I would have liked it to turn a little more (at the distribution level). So when I knew, I thought, Why is it for others and not for me? But I do not regret anything with my stage partners. All the more so because there has never been any rivalry between us in the team.

Gala: Tell us about your best memories

SN: I loved the adrenaline of Ginola on the floor, the madness of Gérard Vivès , like the sensitivity of Francis Lalanne and the kindness of Julien Lepers, a real dad for all in the show. And even the moments with Djibril Cisse , even if he had problems at the hip. But the craziest is that of the very first direct. I still have chills in the back to hear the public tear for us. There was also a war cry with M Pokora and David, ” What time is it? It’s time to show . ” We kept it. My best trophy is friendship. The meeting with families, children of each other, lunches, and so on … Ah so of course,

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Gala: And the tensions?

SN: Some have a lot of ego. I happened to throw the microphone and leave the room crying because it was too hard. But I did not want to give up. This human experience has forged me.

Gala: The adventure ends and you are already sailing to other projects

SN: I was told they would probably call me back next year. Even though I’m not included with DALS 8 , the door is not closed. For the moment, I ask myself. I want to work my voice. Why not do dubbing, voice-over, do the moderator? Otherwise, choreographies of spectacle, the staging of parades. But I will above all continue to teach dance classes in France. Maybe even abroad … I hope that as a pillar, I will miss them a little ( laughs ). I do not wish to convey sadness.

Gala: You said to be a pillar of DALS. What would you like to pass on to your fans?

SN: Yes, we will not take my place but we will bring something new in the next season. Fans, well I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Just like my friends, my parents and my boyfriend, they gave me strength. Many know that I spent hours chatting with them.

Gala: A last tip of the dance professor warned to go before the jury?

SN: The secret of success at DALS is to remain yourself and not to create a character. To let go, to trust the teacher, even with the details of the direct.

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