Significant events December 7: Holiday self

Every year on this day in Ukraine celebrate Day of local government.

 Знаменні події 7 грудня: Свято самоврядування

December 7, 1990 the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian SSR adopted the Law “On local councils of people’s deputies of Ukrainian SSR and local self-government”, reports Rus.Media. This is the professional holiday of all who work in rural, township, urban, district and regional councils, who represent the many thousands squad of deputies.

Local government is a kind of image of social life on the basis of which operates a self-governing society. It is an ancient Slavic and ancient Russian tradition, which originates from the times of Kievan Rus. It is a choice of free citizens who trust their elected representatives and give them power. Only such power can be considered truly national – not power over society, and the legitimate authority of society itself, for society and in the public interest.

15 October 1985, the European States was approved by the international Covenant, which referred to “the European Charter of local self-government.” The Pact has played and continues to play a vital role in the formation and development of classical model of local government in the old and new European democracies.


In 1996, the UN General Assembly proclaimed 7 December as International civil aviation day and urged governments and relevant national, regional, international and intergovernmental organizations to take appropriate steps for its celebration (resolution 51/33). So, if the UN “urges” to drink it.

Also on this day…

In 1237 began the invasion of the Tatars in Rus ‘ under the leadership of Batu Khan.

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1678 – Louis Hennepin became the first European to discover Niagara falls.

1732 in London, opened at the theatre Royal, long known as “Covent garden” the name which was located nearby the famous market.

1769 – Catherine II claims the highest officer of the order of the Russian army – order St. George. The order will be given exclusively for personal services. And “neither high born, nor merits, nor received in battle wounds are not accepted in respect of when udostoeny to the order of St. George for military feats, he gets only those who marked themselves for the benefit and glory of Russian weapons special honors”. The order’s motto “For service and bravery”.

1907 – for the first time in the Boxing ring appeared the referee. They became Eugene Corrie, which was judged in London to fight Tommy burns and James Mora.

1926 – born Pyotr Velyaminov was a Soviet and Russian actor (“Shadows disappear at noon”, “Ermak”, “pirates of the twentieth century”).

1941 – Japan attacked pearl Harbor (Hawaii operation).

1949 – born Tom waits, American singer-songwriter, composer, actor.

1955 – born Alexander Feklistov, actor of theatre and cinema (“the Tanker “tango”, “Kamenskaya-3. Stylist”, “Falling up”).

1959 – born Sergey Mazaev, Soviet and Russian actor, musician, singer, soloist of group “Moral code”.

1972 – launch of spacecraft “Apollo-17”, made the last in the Apollo program landing on the moon.

1979 – was born Jennifer Lynn carpenter is an American actress, known for roles of Debra Morgan in the TV series Dexter and Emily rose in “the exorcism of Emily rose”.

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1988 – at 11 o’clock 41 minutes Moscow time in Armenia there was a severe earthquake that swept the entire Northern part of the territory of the Republic with a population of about one million people. Was completely destroyed city of Spitak and 58 villages. Partially destroyed the city of Leninakan, Stepanavan, Kirovakan and more than 300 settlements. As a result of natural disasters killed more than 25 thousand people, about 19 thousand were disabled, homeless 530 thousand Armenians.

1991 – At the meeting of the presidents of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine abolished the Soviet Union.

2009 – In the United States published The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks for Nintendo DS

Nameday of August, Catherine, porphyry, Simon.

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