Sidorenko-Sidorenko 33, 34 series: to watch online funny show

СидорЕнки-СидОренки 33, 34 серія: дивитись онлайн смішний серіал

Comedy series “Sidorenko-Sidorenko” about the lives of two different families of the nearly common children are in the home stretch. Watch online, what adventures happened with the main characters in the 33 and 34 series!

“Sidorenko-Sidorenko” – adaptation of the TV series “Ivanov-Ivanov” which shows the life of two families of different social status. Despite all their differences, they share common vicissitudes of the past. It turned out that 16 years ago their babies were switched at birth.

After the shocking news of two families besides his sons, were forced to share the house because the house is poor Sidorenko burned in a fire. Therefore, the head of the family Peter, his wife Lesia and their son moved to Roma luxury estates Sidorenko.

СидорЕнки-СидОренки 33, 34 серія: дивитись онлайн смішний серіал

Children Sidorenko-Sidorenko

And while businessman Alexander, his wife Olga and their spoiled son Vova led completely different lifestyles, they had to change the established rules for the sake of newfound relatives. When the house Sidorenko everything seems normal, the cases of both families again went awry. He has lost all the money and even housing, so Sidorenko-Sidorenko had to move to a rented house, and exbest generally move in the trailer.

In the life of Vova and Roma too, everything has changed, because they fell in love with a girl. Find out what happened in the latest episodes!

Watch online 33 Comedy series Sidorenko-Sidorenko from 26-11-2019:

Watch online 34 Comedy series Sidorenko-Sidorenko from 26-11-2019:

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