Sick for over a year: a resident of Turkey set a “COVID-record”

 Sick for more than a year: Turkish resident sets "COVID-record"

56-year-old resident of Turkey, Muzafer Kayasan, set the “coronavirus” the record after being ill for 14 months, according to Reuters.

When Kayasan fell ill with the coronavirus, he thought he would die because he already had leukemia.

After 14 months and 78 positive tests, the man is still alive and continues to fight the infection. He cannot be vaccinated against COVID, because the test for the virus always showed a positive result.

According to doctors, Kayasan has the longest continuous period in Turkey COVID-19 infection. Perhaps it was because his immune system was weakened as a result of leukemia.

“I think it's the female version of COVID – she was obsessed with me,” the man joked last week after learning that his last PCR test came back positive.

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