Sick and in need of long-term care? Don't lose money

 Sick and in need of long-term care? Don't waste your money

Sick and need help with daily activities? It is important to know that the monthly membership fee you pay to the Health Insurance Fund may in many cases include the payment of Bituah Siudi long-term care insurance. This is an important and necessary insurance that can help you a lot in difficult days, so it's important to check it out, and it's especially important to know how to get the maximum payout. This is an insurance policy that provides amounts of thousands of shekels per month, usually for 5 years, for those who are limited in performing at least 3 of the 6 basic activities (dressing, bathing, moving, eating, getting up and controlling incontinence) or suffer from cognitive diseases. But how much money you get from this insurance will depend on professional knowledge, and it is important that you do not miss or lose this important right. For example, it is important to know at what age you joined this insurance through the health insurance fund. It is also important to know when you first became in need of care (became “siudim”), and much more.
To illustrate the above, the following examples can be given:
An elderly couple P. from Haifa: Svetlana, 85, and Mikhail, 88, both members of the Maccabi Health Insurance Fund. They received nursing hours from Bituah Leumi for about two years. Svetlana is limited in her daily activities due to a post-stroke health condition and heart failure, and Igor has Parkinson's disease. However, the couple did not know that within the framework of their health insurance, each of them – separately – has collective long-term care insurance at the Maccabi Health Insurance Fund; through the insurance company “Phoenix”. After reading an article from the Meira Zohar Law Office, they contacted us to find out if they really had Bituah Siudi insurance. Indeed, our check gave a positive result, and we sent a request to the insurance company. Having collected the relevant materials, we turned to the company “Phoenix” on behalf of both spouses with an appropriate claim and correct documents for each of them, and thanks to this, the couple received retroactively the amount of about 40,000 shekels for each, and another 4,700 shekels per month for each. Thus, P.'s couple will now receive a monthly payment of around NIS 10,000 in the coming years, an income that they did not know about and almost lost …

Please note that the Bituah Siudi policies that some insured people have through health insurance funds are not insurance policies for all problems and purposes, and they require legal and professional knowledge, since the relationship between the insured and the insurance companies is not always simple. To get money, it is very important to file a claim correctly and use the right legal knowledge, and especially to have an excellent legal reputation, as well as deep knowledge in this area, which will help you beat the insurance company and get the money you deserve from them.
< br /> The case of 91-year-old Semyon, a member of the Leumit Health Insurance Fund, will show how much you need to understand and know about the Bituah Siudi insurance industry in order to be able to receive money.
Semyon, in his old age, has a huge “bouquet” of chronic diseases: hypertension, coronary heart disease, kidney failure, diabetes mellitus with complications, a number of orthopedic problems, overweight, frequent falls, urinary incontinence, memory impairment, etc. Semyon has been in the nursing home since 2017 and has been getting the maximum hours from Bituach Leumi. His family read an article by Meira Zohar's lawyers' office, from which they only recently learned about Bituah Siudi's long-term care insurance, which Semyon has included in his collective health insurance. The family applied on his behalf to the Menorah insurance company, which has been insuring members of the Leumit Health Insurance Fund since 2020 to the present. "Menorah" refused to satisfy the claim on the grounds that Semyon's insured event began earlier, from 2017. And therefore, the previous insurer of members of the Leumit Health Insurance Fund should pay him money; – insurance company "Klal".
Meira Zohar's law office filed a lawsuit against both insurance companies and carried out an effective mediation procedure with both insurers. And, thanks to the excellent reputation that Meira Zohar's law office has with insurance companies in the Bituah Siudi area, Semyon received a lump sum payment of 175,000 shekels jointly from the two companies.
It should be emphasized that a lump sum payment under an insurance policy can only be legally obtained through mediation and legal compromise.
It should be noted that the Meira Zohar Law Office has been working with Russian-speaking Israelis for many years and represents their interests throughout the country, and we know how to help the insured as safely, quickly, efficiently and correctly as possible. Our office is headed by experienced lawyer Meira Zohar. The office has been specializing exclusively in Bituah Siudi insurance for many years. for long term care. Lawyer Meira Zohar works directly with each client, there is no need for a team of “accountants”, “experts” etc. This greatly simplifies the litigation process for insured sick people.

We were able to win a positive decision in a very important class action lawsuit against 4 insurance companies, which relates to Bituah Siudi private policies. You can read about the subject of the class action and other legal successes of the firm on our website.
We achieve the maximum payout for our clients without unreasonable costs and without any obligations.
Our main office is located in the business center of Bnei Brak. But IMPORTANT NOTE that the office staff works all over Israel, from north to south, INCLUDING EILAT, and can help you solve your problems.

Call: 03-5622772, 050-9929120 , 050-7756772 (we speak Russian).
A work fee is paid only after the problem has been successfully resolved.
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