Shufutinsky compared himself with Morgenstern and praised him

 Shufutinsky compared himself to Morgenstern and praised him

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The famous chansonnier Mikhail Shufutinsky compared himself in popularity with the rapper Morgenstern.

On the air of the YouTube show “Open, David!” he said that, like Morgenstern, he was a guest on the What Happened Next? The artist noted that during the filming he behaved naturally, which is what the audience liked.

"I liked it! Nice guys. Yes, they use profanity, but I was interested. And I saw that they are interested in me, this is important, which means, like Morgenstern, he also did something that is cool for other people. I did not play any role there, I was myself. The guys got it that I was with them in a bunch, and they didn’t blush for me, ", — said the chansonnier.

Shufutinsky also noted that people have different attitudes towards Morgenstern, but, in his opinion, the rapper was able to create something that captured the minds of millions of people, which means that he is “something knows.”

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