Shouts of “Allah Akbar” and the threat of a bomb on the plane

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 Shouts «Allah Akbar» and bomb threat on plane

August 9, during a Jet2 flight to Larnaca – Manchester there was an attempted terrorist attack. Immediately after takeoff, a 30-year-old woman suddenly jumped up from her seat, shouting “Allah Akbar” and stated that there were explosives in her underwear.

The woman twice tried to break into the cockpit and yelled at frightened passengers that her parents belonged to the Islamic State terrorist organization.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, businessman Obryne, who was flying in a plane with his wife, three children aged 8 to 14 and two other relatives, boldly rushed at the terrorist and neutralized her.

In an interview He told the newspaper that he was surprised by the reaction of the stewards, who made no attempt to deal with the threat. Obrine benefited from the skills he acquired in his youth when he worked as a security guard.

When asked by Obrine why she shouted “Allah Akbar” and behaved like that, answered that if she had not done this, there would have been a real explosion and everyone would have died.

After the incident, the plane made an emergency landing in Paris, where the criminal was arrested by the police.

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