Shopping center burns in Russia: first details and video from the scene of the tragedy

Торговый центр полыхает в России: первые подробности и видео с места трагедии

On Sakhalin, burns shopping Mall

The fire area is 1000 square meters.

On Sakhalin Okha lit shopping centre “Ocean”. It is reported that the fire quickly engulfed the entire building. From-for strong smoke it is not even visible.

Торговый центр полыхает в России: первые подробности и видео с места трагедии

Rescuers reported that no one was injured. Apparently, the bitter experience of the tragedy in the Kemerovo TC “Winter cherry”, people immediately jumped from the burning building.

Firefighters add that in TC was a little visitors – 21. And “the fire alarm went off smoothly,” reported the Russian Ministry of emergency situations-nicknames.

As we wrote in the spring of 2018 in Russia was a tragedy that left no one indifferent – during a fire burned down the Mall’s visitors, many of whom were children.

The fire happened on March 25 in the shopping center “Winter cherry” in Kemerovo. The fire area has made 1,5 thousand sq. m. As eyewitnesses told, they didn’t beep, emergency alert. People died due to the fact that the emergency exits were shut tight, and the evacuation of absolutely no one organized. Fled as best they could. Was not all.

As previously reported, on 10 January there was a fire in shopping centre “the Builder”, located in the Russian city of Ulyanovsk. The ceiling of the pavilion ignited one of the lighting fixtures. The device was completely covered with fire, and the acrid black smoke began to fill the Playground “Flip”.

One of the witnesses wrote on the social network that the fire alarm in the shopping center didn’t work. Employees noticed the fire, however, did not carry out the evacuation, ignoring the safety of visitors. A short time later the parents noticed the smoke from the burning structure, filled half of the room and took their children away from the danger zone.

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The staff of the shopping centre without unnecessary panic has eliminated the fire on their own. As demonstrated by the video from a witness, the man used a long ladder and extinguish the flames with a fire extinguisher.

Users of social networks have come to the conclusion that the fire in the Kemerovo TC “Winter cherry” Russians have learned nothing. “Even when the “thunder clap” — man will never cross.”

Recall that the shopping center caught fire in the Lviv region.

As reported Politeka, a fire destroyed a shopping centre in the Donbas.

Also Politeka wrote on the top of the worst fires 2018, the year in photographs.


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