Shooting love-story Mirzoyan and Matvienko in the Netherlands the police arrived

На съемки love-story Мирзояна и Матвиенко в Нидерландах приехала полиция

Shooting love-story Mirzoyan and Matvienko in the Netherlands the police arrived
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The couple presented a musical film for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day Ukrainian singers Tonya Matvienko and Arsen Mirzoyan presented a musical film called “Arsene and Tonya. Musical love-story”. Shooting the 40-minute musical with a monologue about love was held in the vast province of Friesland province of the Netherlands.

Under the open sky, in the streets of Leeuwarden and other scenic spots of the province the couple sang about a dozen of their songs.

– Why Is Friesland? Because my friend Yuri Tyra (Stepanovich) was invited to walk on the ship through the channels of the earth Presov. He said that the region is like a huge antique store, where the hidden historical treasures of the whole country. These words have inspired memories of the past and I spontaneously came up with the idea in this place to film a romantic film about our relationship with Tonya, – said Mirzoyan.

According to Matvienko, “the area chose them.” She noted that the planning of the shooting and arrived in the country, they accidentally found out that the region called the “place where love lives”.

Despite the preordained route, get permission for an official shooting celebrity in the city and did not. So they had to play and sing without permission, at your own risk.

– Even the police came. Quietly went around the house around the area and asked whether the local mix. “Cool guys are playing!”, – the villagers replied, and the police left as quietly. Very friendly city , – said Arsen.

Beloved also remembered that during the trip there were a lot of unforeseen situations. So, during filming the weather turned bad: rain with snow, wind took down a quadcopter. The film crew and musicians had to wait out the bad weather under the bridges of the canals.


As Ukrainian politicians and their halves of love recognized.

The morning of February 14 on their pages in social networks of high-ranking and famous faces greeted his favorite holiday.

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