Shooting in Ra'anana: a soldier shouted at the attacker “Drop the knife!”

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 Shooting in Ra'anan: soldier yelling

Police are investigating a shooting incident at the Ra'anana Junction that resulted in the death of a man mistakenly suspected of terrorism. In their first statement, the police said the man “needed a professional diagnosis” and it was his actions that raised the suspicion that he was a terrorist.

that the deceased was armed with a knife and tried to stab him. “The soldier shouted to him: 'Drop the knife', he didn't throw it, then he shot him,” he told his acquaintances. he did not act in accordance with the instructions to detain the suspect before the shooting, and why he gave the suspect a burst. The soldier, for his part, was sure that it was a terrorist attack.

The fact that the deceased – a resident of Pardes Khan – was armed with a knife, was confirmed by the police themselves and eyewitnesses of the incident.
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