Shooting in Perm: what is known about the terrorist Timur Bekmansurov

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Shooting in Perm: what is known about the terrorist Timur Bekmansurov

On September 20, a guy staged a fatal shooting at a Russian university.

Shooting took place at Perm University on September 20 , the victims of which were 8 people, more than two dozen were injured. The fire was opened by 18-year-old Timur Bekmansurov, who was mortally wounded during his arrest. The young man has been planning an attack on an educational institution for a long time, reports with reference to Channel 24.

Read everything that is known about the young man who staged a fatal shooting at a Russian university on September 20.

The shooters planned the attack in advance

Timur Bekmansurov opened the fire in the university courtyard. Before the incident, he wrote about his intentions on social networks.

I thought about this for a long time, years passed and I realized that it was time to do what I dreamed of,
– he wrote.

The shooter told in detail how he was examined by a psychiatrist, bought weapons and prepared an attack.

He stated that at first he wanted to attack the former school, but changed his mind at the end of March – his educational institution & # 171; was too unpleasant place to spend the last 10 minutes of his life there & # 187 ;.

Bekmansurov added that he does not belong to any extremist organizations, and he had been building his plans for a long time – he had been collecting money for weapons since the 10th grade.

Shooting in Perm: what is known about the terrorist Timur Bekmansurov

Video evidence of the attacker's preparation for shooting

The LIFE SHOT telegram also released video from the security cameras of the gun store. They show how he buys cartridges, takes 150 pieces.

The network claims that this was his fourth purchase in this institution. He performed it on August 27, the first one was back in May.

The attacker died

Law enforcers detained the shooter, but seriously wounded him. The governor of the Perm Territory Dmitry Makhonin announced the death of Bekmansurov.

The shooter was killed,
– he said.

Makhonin clarified that & # 171; one of the attackers & # 187; at the Perm State University. They say they are checking information about possible accomplices.

According to information from unofficial sources, the shooter was shot at about 12:10 local time. Also, footage of the wounded criminal appeared. For some time, doctors tried to save him, but could not.

On the pages of Perm University in social networks, information about the liquidation first appeared, but later it was deleted.

Shooting in Perm: briefly about the main thing

  • On the morning of September 20, an unknown person opened fire from a firearm in the courtyard of Perm State University.
  • To escape, some of the students started jumping out of windows, others barricaded themselves in the classrooms.


  • The Federal Center for Disaster Medicine reported 8 deaths and at least 24 injuries as a result of the shooting.
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