Shooting in Carmel: Yeshiva student injured

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 Carmel shooting: yeshiva student injured

Head of the yeshiva “Reuta” in the Carmel settlement said he was leading a study session when one of his students was injured in an alleged terrorist shooting.

Rabbi Nathan Ofner said the 18-year-old student was slightly injured and should undergo surgery to remove fragments. The Times of Israel reports.

“We were sitting studying when we heard a loud noise outside the classroom. One of the students came out to check on what was going on and we heard another noise. We students were walking there, everything looked normal, and then we heard three very loud explosions, followed by a volley that broke through the door. We still did not realize that we had come under fire, and then he noticed that he was covered in blood,” the rabbi said.

Recall that the security forces continue to search for the shooter.

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