Shooting in Arava: six people were injured

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 Shooting in Arava: six people injured

Israel Police launched an investigation into the Arava shooting incident after 6 people were injured in the shooting.

The Israel Police Center 100 received a report of shooting at a group of people, located on the territory of the complex in the city of Arava.

As a result of the shooting, six people were injured, two of whom were evacuated to the Ziv hospital. in Safed in serious condition, and four others – to the Poriya hospital; in mild to moderate condition.

Israeli police arrived at the scene, examined the scene and collect information on the spot. At the same time, checkpoints were set up on the main roads of the region.

At this stage, the investigation is in full swing, according to suspicions, the conflict between the criminals is the underlying reason for the incident.

On social networks the details of what happened are published.

It is about a group of about 8 friends who were sitting in a warehouse owned by the business of the father of one of them. The location is between the Arawa and Wadi Salama in the area of ​​a field or tree plantation parallel to road No. 804.

At some point, two masked men entered the compound and opened fire.

Later, a burning car was found in the field, which was probably used by the shooters.

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