Shooting at a training ground in Belgorod: a witness spoke about what happened

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 Shooting at a firing range in Belgorod: a witness spoke about what happened

One of the witnesses of the shooting at the firing range in Belgorod told the Astra Telegram channel that the conflict could have arisen on religious grounds.

According to the witness, shortly before the shooting, Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Lapin stated that Allah — you are a coward for not allowing Muslims to fight for the country where you took the oath.

It is noted that the authors of the material were unable to independently confirm the identity of either the narrator himself or the identity of other persons appearing in the story.
< br /> "It all started with the fact that some of our soldiers – Dagestan, Azerbaijani and Adyghe said that "this is not our war" and tried to write a report that they did not want to serve anymore. Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Lapin, when he learned this through the company commander — gathered everyone and began to say that "this is a holy war", — says the narrator.

According to him, the Muslims revolted after the words about the “holy war”, saying that the concept “means the war of the Muslims against the infidels”. Then Lapin called Allah a coward.

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