Shocking revelation about Prince William! See what he wanted to eg …

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Shocking revelation about Prince William! See what he wanted to eg …

In recent years, many secrets have emerged from the intimate life of the British royal family, in particular the unhappy marriage of Crown Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana.

Charles and Lady Dee’s marriage was not stable and one of the main reasons is that the heir to the throne was in love with his current wife Camilla Parker during all his years of marriage to Diana. But information is also now emerging that their marriage has been shaken for another reason.

Diana was pregnant with Prince William, and Charles wanted to name his son differently. Of course, the basis was again (then his mistress) Camilla.

The British heir to the throne wanted his eldest son to be named Arthur at any cost.

Royal biographer Robert Lacey told People magazine that Diana was adamantly against the name. One of the main reasons was that Charles once told Camilla that he would like to have children with her and that he would baptize their son Arthur.

Diana is said to have overheard this conversation, so she strictly forbade the use of that name for her eldest son.

“She insisted that the name be William, although she never revealed that she knew of his conversation with Camilla,” Robert added. William’s middle name is Philip after the late Prince Philip and Louis after Lord Louis Mountbatten, writes.


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