Shocking photos Loboda surfaced online: “without teeth”

Шокирующее фото Лободы всплыло в сети: "без зубов"

Scandalous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, who left their Homeland for the sake of earnings in Russia, cannot live without in order not to attract attention to his person

This writes Know.

Her Instagram is full of candid, and sometimes rather strange photo, which she often runs into criticism.

But in most cases, each frame with a star makes fans excited and they are scattered in compliments.

Recently, Loboda pleased its fans with a black-and-white photo of herself as a little on the arms of my mother. Little toothless girl who laughs genuinely, enjoying life, has caused excitement among subscribers.

Шокирующее фото Лободы всплыло в сети: "без зубов"

Moreover, that photo is was timed to the birthday mom’s singer.

“Our beloved mother, the Day of Your Birth!!! Be healthy and happy!!! You’re our everything. Eyes wide open and teeth smile and now”, — signed photo of Loboda.

As you know, the artist has two own daughters. And although in may the youngest of them is a Tilde, it will be a year, but the singer still has not solved the mystery of who really is the daddy of the baby is not one, by any chance, famous rocker from Germany.

Recently, Loboda posted a photo on which poses in the company of the eldest daughter of eve. It seems that the singer decided to introduce the child to the bright public life and candid images. In the pictures she appeared in a stylish way as her daughter. Both in black suits and big hats, hair down and face bright makeup.

Шокирующее фото Лободы всплыло в сети: "без зубов"

We will remind, Loboda harshly criticized because of the new songs.

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As reported Politeka, Loboda, extramina intrigued by the appeal: “We will return”.

Also Politeka wrote that Quinoa is fully stripped and showing Boobs


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