Shock: a newborn with an uncircumcised umbilical cord was pulled out from the rubble in Syria

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 Shock: newborn with uncircumcised umbilical cord pulled from rubble in Syria

In Syria, a newborn was rescued from the rubble, who at the time of the collapse of the building due to the earthquake was connected to the dead mother by the umbilical cord.

" We heard a voice while we were digging. We cleared the dust and found a baby with an umbilical cord, we cut it, and my cousin took him to the hospital, & ndash; Khalil al-Suwadi, a relative of the child, told AFP.

A video showing a man running out with a baby in his arms and asking to call medics was released online. Another person with a blanket runs after him, as the temperature was below zero.

The kid was taken to the hospital. Fortunately, he was saved. In the incubator, the baby was connected to an intravenous drip. Of the blood relatives, the newborn was the only survivor.

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