Ship with cocaine: The largest consignment of drugs in history discovered

News » Incidents Cocaine Ship: Largest Drug Shipment in History Discovered

The United States and Australian police have jointly discovered the largest drug shipment in history. The security forces confiscated more than $677 million worth of cocaine. This was reported by CNN.

The police of the United States of America and Australia managed to intercept 2.4 tons of cocaine on board a ship off the coast of South America. The ship with the drug was bound for Australia.

Law enforcement agencies in the US and Australia managed to find an international network of drug traffickers, and 12 suspects were arrested. The case is currently under investigation.

“The cocaine associated with the Mexican drug cartel would be worth about A$1 billion (US$677 million) on the black market. This is equal to half of the total amount of drug consumed in Australia annually, – SCMP said in a statement.

It is noted that the operation carried out by the security forces has been carried out since November 2022. Law enforcement officers, in order to successfully complete this case and arrest the criminals, had to replace the batch of cocaine with a fake substance and allow it to sail to its destination.

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