Shin Bet Issues 'Severe' Warning to PA

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 Shin Bet issued a

The Shin Bet warned the leadership of the Palestinian Authority against interference in the upcoming November elections in Israel. This is reported by the 12th channel. "Severe" The warning came after PA intelligence chief Majed Faraj met with leaders of the Joint Arab List in Ramallah. As previously reported, he called on politicians to unite with RAAM. PA officials told their Israeli counterparts that they did not intend to interfere in the elections. Farage expressed concern over the possibility of a lower Arab turnout, which could lead to Benjamin Netanyahu's return to power.

Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN Dani Danon welcomed the news of the Shin Bet's warning to the Palestinian Authority. “SHABAK should call Tibi, Shhade and Oud for questioning, and if they cooperate with the PA in attempts to interfere in the elections in Israel, they should be held accountable,” — said Danone.

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