Shin Bet: Hamas recruits children from 'reunited families'

 Shin Bet: Hamas recruits children from 'reunited families'

The terrorist group Hamas deliberately recruits citizens of whom one parent was born in Israel and the other was born in Gaza or in territory controlled by the Palestinian Authority, Shin Bet claims.

This is reported by the portal "Aruts Sheva" referring to an article in Israel Hayom newspaper.

Shin Bet submitted a document to the government stating that representatives of such families are being recruited for terrorist and intelligence activities. In some cases, they are recruited after visiting relatives in Gaza.

The recruited citizens lived, among others, in Rehovot, Lod, Bedouin settlements in the Negev.

The Shin Bet also concluded that that it is among the second generation of such families that there is a willingness to forego the benefits of living in Israel over living in Gaza. The analysis showed that representatives of the “reunited families” often have a split identity: they identify as Israelis and at the same time identify with their families in Gaza.

statistics were presented, according to which, representatives of the second generation of “reunited families” are three times more likely to be involved in terror than Israeli Arabs.

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