Shin Bet exposes Hamas terrorist plot

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 Shabak uncovered Hamas terrorist plot

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The Shin Bet thwarted a Hamas terrorist plot and arrested two Israeli citizens on suspicion of involvement in it, the agency said on Friday.

As part of the joint activities of the Israeli security forces and the department for combating crime in the Menashe district of the Israeli police, two Israeli citizens — Mohammad Amin Moslah, 24, and Mohammad Fayyad Mahamid, 28 — were arrested a few weeks ago.

The investigation revealed that Mosla was recruited by a group of terrorist fighters operating as part of the military wing of Hamas in Gaza to carry out a terrorist attack in Israel, and that he recruited his friend Mahamid.

The two broke contact with the original terrorist group in Gaza over disagreements over a suitable target for the attack. They were ordered to plan an attack on election day, but Hamas militants demanded that the attack be directed against civilians, and two Israelis wanted to attack the soldiers.< br />
After cutting ties with Hamas in Gaza, Mosla and Mahamid stole weapons from soldiers, preparing to eventually use them. firing various types of firearms and stealing a vehicle.

The suspects searched several bus stops on the road between Kafr Qara and Givat Ada and along Highway 65.

they decided to attack the soldiers at the bus stop next to the Golani brigade training base, which is located in the Kafr Qara area, because it often filled with IDF soldiers, especially on Thursdays.

The results of the investigation were sent to the Haifa District Attorney's office, and charges were filed against Mosl and Mahamid on Friday for serious security breaches.

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