Shevchuk: in Russia, the concert activity of “DDT” ends

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 Shevchuk: concert activity of "DDT" ends in Russia< /p>

Soloist of the Russian rock band "DDT" Yuri Shevchuk complained about the problems in concert activities that appeared after his anti-war statement at a concert in Ufa.

on YouTube, the singer announced that the band's concert activity is suspended.

“In Russia, our concert activity is coming to an end. Lists are being compiled, but I don't like it. The person has the right to his opinion. In Tyumen, the concerts were postponed until better times, and in Kurgan they were canceled altogether. Some people say they can't get their money back – it's not true, it's a lie!” – Shevchuk said.

According to the musician, “socio-political racism” is developing in Russia now, because of which some artists are not allowed to perform on stage.

Despite the problems and condemnation from the outside, Shevchuk said that he would not be silent about what was happening, and the opinions of dissidents did not interest him. it's a value, I don't care where that person lives. I work for people. Now I work for free, I transfer all the fees to those in need. It’s easier for me to live this way. I'm not saying this for the sake of pathos and hype, it's just more honest, & ndash; the interlocutor of the journalist confessed.

By the way, as it turned out, after the interrogation, all the operatives took pictures with the lead singer of DDT.

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