Shevchenko refused to lead the Turkish national football team

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Shevchenko refused to lead the Turkish national football team

Shevchenko did not even consider the offer.

Recently, the media reported that Andriy Shevchenko could lead the Turkish national team, but in the end the team entrusted to the German specialist Stefan Kunz, reports with reference to Channel 24.

According to journalist Igor Tsyganik, Andrei Nikolaevich really received an offer from the Turkish national team. The specialist did not consider the option and decided to continue his sabbatical.

In short, the information is true, Shevchenko was offered to consider the possibility of leading the Turkish national team. Shevchenko replied that at this stage he was not even ready to consider this issue. Shevchenko had the opportunity to work in Turkey, but he is not ready,
– Tsyganik said.

Recall that the specialist's contract with the UAF ended on August 1, the football association decided not to continue cooperation with Shevchenko. According to journalists, the matter is in the money, which the UAF does not have.

It was reported that the main candidate for the post is Sergei Rebrov, but he could not agree with Al-Ain to terminate the contract. As a result, the team was headed by Alexander Petrakov.

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