“She’s just big-boned”: the network has ridiculed the Russian official

The Network has found another reason to laugh.

Photo Russian official blasted the social network. Hairstyle assistant Governor of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district have inspired many users to photo collages.

This writes the Chronicle.info with reference on the folk really.

We are talking about the photo of the head of the Department of Finance, assistant Governor of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district Albina Lead, reports “Narodnaya Pravda”.

The Internet began to appear a photo collage with a portrait of the Lead. The clerk compare with the heroine of the movie, and recall the member of the Federation Council Valentina Petrenko, who is known for his unusual hairstyle.

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Social media users also wrote in the comments.

“The reptilians have taken over the Yamal Peninsula, producing biomaterials in the Golden toilet”, “Soon comes the polar night. Then the residents of Yamal will be easier. And yet – here”, “she’s just big-boned. Very. And the wig I had to wear a clown!”.




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