Sheikh-financier of the Jerushi clan lived in a hotel suite in Tel Aviv for 5 years

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 Sheikh-financier of the Jerushi clan lived for 5 years in a luxury hotel room in Tel- Avive

Israeli TV channel 12 has published the amazing story of Arab crime family financier Jerusha Ahmed Kasas.

54-year-old Arab sheikh Casas is a multimillionaire, owner of luxury restaurants, luxury cars Mercedes, Audi, BMW and Ferrari.

His wife is Kim Casas, a Christian from Orlando. Previously, she worked as a flight attendant on the private jets of Madonna, Pavorotti and Michael Jackson. She now owns a boutique in Neve Tzedek.

Sheikh Casas is involved in money laundering through the mass production of counterfeit “trade” fictitious companies with counterparties in the Palestinian Authority. Through this scheme, he laundered hundreds of millions of shekels through VAT refunds. In order not to arouse suspicion, funds and profits were funneled through a series of pocket companies, one of which allegedly belongs to Yoram Katsav, brother of the former Israeli president.

Avive and declared that from now on the five best numbers will be occupied by him and his people. The hotel managers, trembling with fear, complied with his demands – and were afraid to contact the police. Two years ago, Casas moved to the Ocean Hotel of the same chain in Herzliya Pituach.

Casas has been in the bullpen for three months already – Lahav 433 investigators managed to collect enough compromising materials against him. However, the managers of said hotels are still afraid to apply for him.

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