Shefi Paz injured during brawl in Tel Aviv

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 Shefi Paz injured during brawl in Tel Aviv

On Saturday evening, Shafi Paz, an activist from the South Tel Aviv Liberation Front, was attacked by left-wing activists.

Paz was attacked after she with several other activists came to the protest in front of the African music festival organized by the association Elifelet.

During the protest, which was held in accordance with the law, one of the left-wing activists took the megaphone away from Paz. Paz chased after her and tried to get the megaphone back, but the woman threw it to the ground with force.

Later, another man came up and threw Shafi back with force, and she received a head injury from the force of impact on the gravel path. Shafi, who needed medical attention, was taken to the emergency room. After being discharged, Paz filed a complaint against the two attackers.

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