“She went to the car”: a sudden twist in the case of the death of a student in the woods

"Она пошла к авто": внезапный поворот в деле о гибели студентки в лесу

The 20-year-old Irina Butler, who froze to death in the Zhytomyr region, there has been a major breakthrough

In particular, the live talk show “Talking Ukraine” announced new details of the scandal.

According to experts, who were also present in the Studio, a student Iryna Butler could freeze in the woods for a bit of a shock, which caused her to not act logically.

"Она пошла к авто": внезапный поворот в деле о гибели студентки в лесу

The driver and conductor told that the door stop opened in order to enter another passenger. At this time, the girl allegedly left and went to an unknown car. It is this moment, according to experts, could play a key role in spooky stories.

“When I was looking for her, we went to the bus station. And they said that she came to a stop “Ambrosia”, where the car was parked. Supposedly she went to the car,” said cousin Irene.

After this close the students began to phone nearby settlements. Driver found, however, that, according to the family of the deceased, denies that the girl approached him. She allegedly turned around and went straight towards his house.

"Она пошла к авто": внезапный поворот в деле о гибели студентки в лесу

“And nobody knows what did the driver of the car. It was then Irina herself. Perhaps she returned,” – said the host of the talk show.

It is also worth noting that CSI Anna Painter also drew attention to this important detail.

“There are circumstances, which we don’t know yet. But its really something knocked out of that traditional balance. Because all that she did for some reason did not logical,” — said the expert in the Studio.

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We will remind, the doctors threw the blind man from Kiev in the cold.

As reported Politeka, minibuses drove the child-beneficiary in the cold, scandal.

Also Politeka wrote that the bus caught her arm two-year-old and dragged him on the asphalt.

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