She was in the hospital and was puzzled by the appeal: “do Not worry”

Арбенина попала в больницу и озадачила обращением: "Не пугайтесь"

Now a celebrity forced to be treated in France

The rock star said that each person has their own madness. The Russian singer said on his page on Instagram: “This madness is in me”.

It turned out, Diana was experiencing health problems. She has published in the microblog the black-and-white video from the house. Russian singer landed in the hospital and told about the reasons.

Арбенина попала в больницу и озадачила обращением: "Не пугайтесь"

According to Diana Arbenina, she’s partial to the ski sport. Dangerous hobby recently led to an unfortunate injury and subsequent hospitalization. The soloist “Night snipers” celebrated her condition is relatively good.

The singer also took the opportunity to praise his beloved France. In particular, the local medicine. “The French doctors is, of course, power. Tremendous strength,” said Diana in a video message to the subscribers. Finally, she urged social network users to protect themselves and the health of loved ones.

At the end of December 2018, the leadership of the “Night snipers” had a little rebranding. The team Manager Maria Kochel announced to the media about the name change. Now the team requires to call themselves thus: “Diana Arbenina. Night Snipers. The relevant changes were the following rock groups in social networks.

Арбенина попала в больницу и озадачила обращением: "Не пугайтесь"

Informed about their secret preferences told to American singer Miley Cyrus. She has published in a personal blog a letter to the spouse Liam Hemsworth, which gave details of family life after. The star noted that at the moment of meeting her future husband was only 19 years old.

“I like the way you draw, choose any color. I love your dirty socks on the floor, because that means you’re home. I like it when you give me to listen to new music, and I listen to it when you’re going to feel like you’re close. I like the evening to look for recipes before sleeping in the morning to cook Breakfast together. Love those wrinkles around the eyes when you smile or squint from the sun. I like it when we speak “our” language and understand each other. Sometimes without words. Love the fact that you always hear and care about me,” wrote Miley Cyrus for all to see, thanking Liam for the happiest days of my life.

Recall, Zemfira married woman and caused the indignation of the fans.

As reported Politeka, Eurovision 2019 broke the record in Ukraine.

Politeka also wrote that Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda went to “footsteps” known sabredance.

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