She spoke out in support of Ukraine: Anna Netrebko's performances are canceled in Russia

 Speaks out in support of Ukraine: Anna Netrebko's performances are canceled in Russia

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Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater canceled the concert of singer Anna Netrebko, scheduled for June 2, due to her statements in support of Ukraine, Radio Liberty reports.

The report says that “living in Europe and the opportunity to perform at European venues turned out to be more important for her than the fate of the Motherland.” ‚ÄúToday is not the time to sacrifice principles for more comfortable living conditions. Now is the time to make a choice. We should not be afraid that there are cultural figures who renounce their homeland. Our country is rich in talents and yesterday's idols will be replaced by others with a clear civic position”, & ndash; the statement says.

More than a month after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Anna Netrebko condemned the so-called “special operation” Russian troops, and also announced the resumption of performances in Europe. Previously, Netrebko was a confidant of Vladimir Putin in the elections, received awards from his hands, spoke at the opening of the Olympics in Sochi and was photographed with the flag of “Novorossiya” along with one of the separatist leaders Oleg Tsarev. Later, the singer stated that she did not know about the meaning of the symbol. Netrebko has said she is not an ally of any Russian leader or political party, and her earlier speeches have been misinterpreted. She claims that she saw Vladimir Putin only a few times.

On February 28, 4 days after the start of the Russian invasion, all relations with Anna Netrebko were severed by the Metropolitan Opera. The theater said in a statement that they would not be restored until Russia stopped the war and compensated Ukraine for the damage caused.
The Bavarian Opera also stopped working with Netrebko. After that, the singer announced that she would take a break from concert activities.

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