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 Shavuot with BAKERY and DELICATESSEN!

The BAKERY confectionery chain is celebrating specially for everyone's favorite holiday, when you can and even need to eat plenty of cheeses, cheesecakes and cottage cheese casseroles, prepared special delicacies, both sweet and and savory.

The highlight of the culinary arts this Shavuot will undoubtedly be our vegan cheesecake with lemon zest and vanilla, on a glazed base and decorated with crumbs, hazelnut puree and coconut flakes. Diameter 14 – 82 shekels.

 Shavuot with BAKERY and DELICATESSEN!

Also in the festive assortment is our famous classic delicious cheesecake “Coffee Bar”: cream cheese, vanilla and orange zest on crispy dough. Available in two sizes.

 Shavuot with BAKERY and DELICATESSEN!

Spring Sicilian Casata – a small cake dedicated to Sicily and its flavors. Filled with ricotta cheese, citrus flavored chocolate and pistachios. Based on almond cream cake with cocoa. The price is 92 shekels.

 Shavuot with BAKERY and DELICATESSEN!

we make with vanilla cream cheese. Diameter 18 cm. Price: 118 nis.

 Shavuot with BAKERY and DELICATESSEN!

We also prepared for you a wide range of sweet and savory pastries, cheese plates, casseroles, fish dishes and wine

BAKERY holiday menu can be viewed and ordered here /shavuot-bakery-and-sweets.html?selectedDate=18-05-2022

Bakery and bread

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Delicatessen specializes in chef prepared meals, convenience foods, desserts, smoked fish, sausages, cheeses, French desserts and more, and has five stores in Tel Aviv and an online ordering site with home delivery (we deliver from Rehovot to Ra'anana, including the Ono Valley).

Our addresses in Tel Aviv:

Delicatessen Yehuda Halevi 79 | Delicatessen Kokhav ha Tsafon- Meir Yaari 19 | Delicatessen Neve Avivim – Oppenheimer 9 | Delicatessen Rabin Square – Ibn Gvirol 70 | Delicatessen factory and shop at Beit Panorama – Ben Zvi 84.

Opening hours:

Sunday-Thursday – 7:30-20:00, Friday 7:30-16 : 00, Saturday 8:00-14:00
Factory outlet: Sunday-Wednesday 8:00-17:00, Thursday 8:00-18:00, Friday 8:00-15:00, Saturday is closed

The R2M group includes several restaurants, including the Montefiore Hotel and the restaurant of the same name, which offers French-Vietnamese dishes and a rich wine list, the oldest restaurant, Coffeebar – a bistro, which has 27 for years serving dishes famous throughout Israel, duck confit, hamburger in wine and dessert tiramisu, and Herzl 16 – a cocktail bar where live performances are held until the morning.

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